A note from author Beryl Young


I’m the author of the new book A Boy Named Tommy Douglas. I’m a senior citizen and have known about Tommy Douglas all my life, but it came as a great surprise to learn that there are no books for children to tell the little-known story that inspired his adult achievement of Medicare for Canada.

Annual General Report 2022


I’m writing to keep you informed of all the activities that we’ve undertaken over the past twelve months and provide you with a report this year-end on the status of our restoration project for our precious foundation and make a couple big announcements.

As you know in 2021, on the eve of our 50th Anniversary, a restoration plan was launched to ensure that this charity fulfilled Tommy Douglas’ vision for what we could accomplish. I’m very pleased to report our efforts have been a tremendous success thanks to an outpouring of support and a lot of work. We took Tommy's advice to heart and “dreamed no little dreams.”

A Boy Named Tommy

A childhood illness inspired the boy who was not big for his age and not from a wealthy family to grow up to make an important difference in the lives of every child and adult in Canada. Here is the little-known story of Tommy Douglas and his dream.

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