Tommy Douglas founded this charity to educate Canadians. His vision was for a charity that explores the critical issues of the day and provides research and analysis to support practical social democratic solutions.

If you believe strongly that we need more research and education in Canada to ensure we have the tools we need to counter the spread of misinformation and 'fake news', we strongly encourage you to make a donation towards our research fund.

The Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation takes pride in our original, peer reviewed research reports and publications. 

In our 50th year we've taken a deep dive into Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace. We know Canadians are facing a mental health crisis on a scale not seen in generations. The effects of this crisis are both social and economic.

The good news is that our research shows that we can help fix this problem - employers and policy makers can take responsibility to address growing health crisis. 

With your support we can and will do more. Please make a donation toward our Research Fund today. 



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