Tommy Douglas founded this charity to educate Canadians. His vision was for a charity that explores the critical issues of the day and provides research and analysis to support practical social democratic solutions.

If you believe strongly that we need more research and education in Canada to ensure we have the tools we need to counter the spread of misinformation and 'fake news', we strongly encourage you to make a donation towards our research fund.

The Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation takes pride in our original, peer reviewed research reports and publications.

In keeping with our social democratic roots we are launching an annual research project to look at various aspects of our healthcare system in need of improvement - this year our research project is titled: Healthcare in Crisis; Solutions for Seniors and Long Term Care, taking a social and economic perspective at the issue.

Let’s begin by acknowledging that healthcare was never intended to be a profitable exercise for the government. Simply put, it is the government’s responsibility to provide reliable healthcare to all citizens in need. Healthcare is a right. However, that is not what’s happening.

Today we see this coming true as governments increasingly attempt to privatize our healthcare, chip away at the foundations, and starve our hospitals of resources in an attempt to break the system and put doubt in the minds of our citizens. 

Jack Layton warned us; Progressive leaders will need to be united in their resolve, because the forces of the vested interests are gathering against change that's in the public interest. And they're sowing the seeds of fear with myths and lies about Canadian health care.”

While I am sure you would agree this situation is a crisis today, looking at the preliminary data we’ve already uncovered a much more serious problem is looming. The numbers tell a very scary story as our population continues to age in greater numbers than ever before; at a time when personal income and savings do not keep up with the cost of living; when workplace pensions are no longer common place; and while the CCP and OAS are terribly inadequate, the fact is that more and more people are going to need assistance.

Every senior in Canada has the right to live in dignity and with the support they need. Every person who needs long term care has a right to a bed. This research project will be a call to action and help sound the alarm nationwide.

The good news is that our research shows that we can help fix this problem - employers and policy makers can take responsibility to address growing health crisis. 

With your support we can and will do more. Please make a donation toward our Research Fund today. 



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