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It was Tommy Douglas and MJ Coldwell who built from the foundation set by JS Woodsworth, to join forces with the CLC to form a new party to represent working class Canadians in parliament; the New Democratic Party.

Tommy believed strongly that social good must come from a collaborative relationship with Labour Unions to educate the public at large. This tradition continues today through our Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation Union Partner Program, and other unique sponsor opportunities.

Our purpose, as Tommy expressed, is; “to provoke discussion…to keep the movements on the left whether the co-operative movement, the trade union movement or the political movement- from getting in a rut." 

Tommy Douglas wanted the DCLF to become a major force for social change, education, and original research - a charity to strengthen our movement and the positions of our union allies.

We invite you and your union to join us in fulfilling Tommy’s dream.

Partner Unions:

For more information contact our Executive Director: [email protected]

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