Year End Update for Our Union Friends

Dear friends in labour,

I sincerely hope that you and your family, and colleagues have had a wonderful year. The staff and Board of Directors of the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation send their best regards to you and your sisters and brothers.

It’s a pleasure to bring you and your union up to speed on all of our activities and projects we have in the works this year and next. It is my hope that you share this information with your executive board at your next meeting.

As you know, over the last two years we have been working to revitalize the charity that Tommy Douglas himself founded in 1971 so that we can educate people about the merits of Social Democracy and unionization in Canada. This charity is also now the home of Jack Layton’s Legacy - I know Jack would be proud of our mission, and your union’s participation.

Tommy Douglas and Jack Layton believed strongly that social good must come from a collaborative relationship with Labour Unions to educate the public at large. Evidence of this goes all the way back to Tommy’s efforts in bringing the CLC and CCF together in the formation of the NDP, and Jack’s tenacity in the house of commons in loyal defense of unions.

Here’s what our “Partner” union leaders have to say about our strategy to promote social democracy:

“The United Steelworkers union was proud to be the first union sponsor of the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation Union Partner Program. The foundation has an important role in shaping and growing progressive values and our shared hope for a better, more equitable future.”  Marty Warren, National Director, USW Canada

"UFCW Canada is a proud sponsor of the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation Union Partner Program. The Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation is a force for social change, research, and education to help strengthen our movement and our union allies.” Paul Meinema, President, UFCW Canada

“The Foundation is playing an essential role in the promotion of social democracy in Canada and educating Canada’s activists with the latest thinking based on those social democratic values. As part of the labour movement, we’re proud of our support for the Douglas Coldwell Layton foundation.”  Jeffier Carr, President, PIPSC

“Ontario’s Professional Employees are proud to partner with Douglas Coldwell Layton for two key reasons. The research they perform and the education they offer. Good ideas don’t become thoughtful policy without the nourishment of collective opinion, expert input, and careful analysis. Young progressives don’t flourish without the nourishment that comes from learning from the leaders of our social democratic past or without exposure to provocative, progressive policy ideas. DCL provides all of that and more.” Dave Bulmer, President & CEO, AMAPCEO

I am delighted to report our restoration efforts have been a success thanks to the support of labour unions who have stepped up to help. Thank you!

Thanks to this support we have been able to build a solid and stable annual programme of work in the promotion of Social Democracy;

  • Established Seven Annual Events in Six major cities across Canada
  • Developed major research projects on issues related to healthcare and the economy
  • Curating a monthly Podcast on Social Democracy in Action
  • Produced Online Community Leadership Training Modules  
  • Provided Scholarships and Awards to hundreds of Students 
  • Published new books and reports to reinforce our ideas and success
  • Founded a Women’s Leadership Centre to inspire a new generation

You can see more about our initiatives this year in our 2023 Year End Report here.

Friends, although we’ve been successful in the restoration of Tommy’s charity, there is so much more work to be done. We have only just scratched the surface of what is possible.

Long term care without a long term plan: aging population’s demand going unmet

Most Canadian provincial governments lack multi-year capital plans to build long term care and no province with a plan is sufficient to meet the expected demands for long term care caused by an aging population, according to our analysis of provincial documents.

Many provincial ministries of health or long term care have developed strategic plans that acknowledge the coming bulge in Canada’s senior population. Many are orienting themselves to a goal of “age in place.” However, no provincial strategy document shows how much such a re-orientation can reduce the demand for long term care beds. “Age in place” appears as more of a hope than a plan. 

Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Final Report

Research to Reality: Improving mental health though workplace change and access to unions


Our findings: workplace change can improve mental health and unions can help
One in three Canadians’ work regularly leaves them mentally hurt and struggling to find work-life balance, but a union can help mental health and well-being, according to our research Our survey with Abacus Research confirms what a lot of us, our friends or a family member are experiencing.

Fall Newsletter: Marshall Ganz in Toronto

Blog Post


The past two months have been an exciting time here at the DCLF going from coast to coast promoting social democracy with our annual lecture series with stops in Halifax and Victoria. Plus, a book launch in our Ottawa office, and promoting our work with a membership drive at the NDP Federal Convention this past weekend. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Looking forward, we have two major events next month including the David Lewis Lecture on November 1st at the University of Toronto with Havard Professor and the architect of Barack Obama’s field campaign Marshall Ganz, as well as our marquee fundraising event in Ottawa on November 22nd; The Mouseland Gala.

Mid-Summer Newsletter: Welcome Canadian Teachers' Federation!

Blog Post


We hope you are all soaking up the sun as we are now in the heart of summer. Despite the temptations of beautiful weather it’s been another productive couple months for us as we get ready for all the exciting events we have lined up for you the rest of the year.

It’s also been a busier than usual few weeks in the office for our staff. Just last month they attended the Canadian Forum on Public Education hosted by the Canadian Teachers Federation, published the first phase of our research on Seniors Care and Long Term Care, and sent out a special mailing to all of our donors and strongest supporters on the healthcare crisis facing Candians. Plus, they’ve been organizing a number of special initiatives that you can enjoy both in-person and virtually including the Layton Legacy Awards, and a brand new Podcast series! 

Please read on to hear about all the exciting things we’ve got going on this summer to advance social democracy in Canada.

Health Care in Crisis: Finding Solutions for Seniors Care & Long Term Care

In this discovery phase of our research on Seniors Care and Long Term Care we explore the crisis that exists today for aging Canadians and delve into the issues and challenges facing our country in the future. This first phase of our research allows us to determine what information exists today, what is missing, and helps guide the next phase of our research work.

Our growing senior population: are we prepared to care?

By Tom Parkin


Low birthrates and longer life expectancies have dramatically increased the average age of people in Canada, but it’s already clear Canadians do not have the retirement income or care support for this growing population.

May Newsletter: The Annual General Meeting!

Blog Post 



As we wrap up our busy spring season here at Tommy’s charity, there’s lots to look forward to this summer including; our Annual General Meeting, Women’s Leadership Showcase interviews, the Jack Layton Awards Ceremony, new online training modules, and our ongoing research on the healthcare crisis in Canada with a focus on Seniors Care and Long Term Care. Please read until the end for all the details!

April Newsletter; Solidarity is in the air!

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Happy Spring from all of us here at Tommy Douglas’ charity. We hope you are enjoying some of the hints of warmer weather we are starting to see across the country. This month we will highlight the Women’s Leadership Showcase interview with Audrey McLaughlin, our Community Leadership Training focused on social housing, and how the DCLF is standing in solidarity with PSAC members fighting for a better deal. 

March Newsletter 2023

Blog Post


We have had a very fast-paced exciting March, talking to people across the country from all walks of life about social democracy as part of our Lecture Series and at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit discussing our latest research publication on Mental Health. 


February Newsletter 2023

Blog Post


Things are ramping up here at the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation for Social Democracy as we finalize the details of the events we have in store for you. Please read on to get the scoop on all our upcoming events and activities.

January Newsletter; Thank you!

Blog Post 


We hope you had a restful holiday season and are excited for the year ahead. We’ve got lots of good news to share with you this month.

Let’s start with a well deserved thank you. Thank you to those who supported us last year and helped us advance social democracy! You are carrying on our founder's legacy which is so meaningful to us. You allow us to imagine and strive for a better Canada where no one is left behind, which leaves us feeling very grateful here at the foundation. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors we say thank you for keeping Tommy’s dream alive.

Of note; to members and donors; your charitable tax receipts will be issued in the coming weeks with a hand signed thank you letter from our Executive Director.

December Newsletter 2022

Blog Post 


Our 2023 Plans Revealed! 

It’s been a wonderful year and we have much to celebrate here at the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation for Social Democracy. Please read this email thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss out on any of our exciting announcements.

Over the past year we have grown immensely as a foundation this year thanks to your support allowing us to launch the Alexa McDonough Women’s Leadership Centre, publish research on mental health in the workplace, host world class events, and create new scholarships and awards. We have a lot of momentum heading into 2023!

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