DCF Board Meeting March 10, 2016


Douglas-Coldwell Foundation Board Meeting

Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 pm ET



25One Community

251 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON  K2P 1X3




David White, Doug Massey, Anne Scotton, Chris Markevich


By telephone:

Diane O’Reggio, Gerry Barr, David McKenzie, Kevin Wright


1. Adoption of Agenda


2. Minutes of June 9, 2015 Board Meeting



3. President’s Report

Thoughts on Howards Pawley’s passing, apologies for level of commitment, congratulations to Erin Kelly on new baby, acknowledged work on website which is almost live, discussion with former partners, need to revisit membership, future of DCF, brainstorming for future growth, board discussed and report approved.


4. Executive Secretary’s Report

No change in membership numbers, financials need updating/clean up, tidy up inventory.


5. Treasurer’s Report

Preliminary statements circulated, working on receivable contributions, 24 members currently paid up, need to update financials, moved motion to accept website expenses over 5 years, for updating of website, FB page budget.  m/s/c


6. Scholarship Report - Woodsworth, 3x $500 = $1500 approx.; Carleton $1000 each; Beverlee Bells $1500; U of R – Follow up with Prof. Brennan

7. Grant Proposals – David M. presented Our Times, InterPares (CNCA), CHC. Moved to approve CNCA only. Diane and David agree with their approach, InterPares/CNCA has cross section of causes. $10K to go to CNCA.  m/s/c
8. No further business; brief discussion on officers meeting for end of June


9. Adjournment m/s/c

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