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The Douglas-Coldwell Foundation is Canada's home for social democracy and its many leaders. It was founded nearly 50 years ago by the "Greatest Canadian" and the father of medicare in Canada, Tommy Douglas.

If you were asked to name two great leaders of Canadian Social Democracy, it is likely that Tommy Douglas and Major James Coldwell would come to mind. Their life-long contributions to social democracy in Canada and around the globe are well celebrated. 

A dream they shared was to build an independent progressive charitable think tank unbound to any other organization or political party. 

In November 1971 this dream became a reality with the establishment of the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation with Tommy Douglas as its founding President. In the words of Tommy Douglas, the Foundation would: "provoke discussion…to keep the movements on the left-whether the co-operative movement, the trade union movement or the political movement- from getting in a rut." 

In 1987, our organization was strengthened through a merger with J.S. Woodsworth's own charity; the Woodsworth Memorial Foundation.

Through new research and educational programs the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation aspires to teach Canadians about our founders legacies and their important contributions to our country and modern day society. Our goal is to advance the work and ideas of Tommy Douglas and his vision for a Canada where no person is left behind.

The Douglas-Coldwell Foundation is a Canadian registered charity. All donations will be tax receipted.

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Josh Bizjak, Executive Director


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 613-857-2538



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