DCF Board Meeting - December 13, 2017

DCF Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

5:00 ET


Present: Oliver Kent, Doug Massey, Karl Bélanger

By Telephone:
David McKenzie, Dave McGrane, Diane O’Reggio, Gerry Barr, Calinda Brown, Rebecca Blaikie

Adoption of Agenda


  1. Adoption of minutes

Minutes from June, 30 2017 Board Meeting


  1. Correspondence

There was a spike of interest in the DCF putting together more scholarships at different universities.

There was a letter from the Broadbent Institute to update the DCF about the Change the Game project. Papers have been published and events held. The second installment of the grant is due this year. The Broadbent Institute is looking for other partnership possibilities. Unclear what is happening with the video.

  1. President’s report

KB: Foundation had trouble with its AGM last year, we needed two takes. We need a strategy to bring in new blood. There is a request in with the new leader for a meeting to brief him on the DCF.

  1. Executive Secretary: Anne is absent. There is a small uptick in membership. Mouseland has been useful in recruitment but more can be done.



  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Down $2000 in donations year on year (mostly because of drop in bequest).

Investments with Scotia McLeod has been good. We have a new financial advisor.
Products sales are up as well.

Funds awarded: 
$28000 to Broadbent Institute, Canadian Roots Exchange $1000, Share $5000,
Waiting for the Universities to transmit their scholarship request

We spent $66000 more this year than last year, mostly due to Mouseland.



  1. Scholarship’s Report

    We received a letter from University of Toronto to thank us for the scholarships.

David Lewis Memorial Prize awarded to Sebastian Salomon Ballada, who is graduating with a double major in Political Science and Sociology.

Ann Marie Hill Scholarship awarded to Esther Esau, who has almost completed the Certificate in Human Resource Management.

Ontario Woodsworth Memorial Foundation Scholarship went to Sarah Bear, who is graduating with a double major in English and History.


  1. Grants request review

David McKenzie:  3 projects have been received and reviewed

  1. Canadian Center for Men and Families:

    The CCMFO requests “upwards of $7,540.00 for facilitator fees in support” o therapist-training and hiring clinical expertise to address domestic abuse and violence experienced by men in the Ottawa area. The supporting documents sent with the request summarize the various services the CCMFO plans to offer. The therapeutic ‘hub’ they are setting up is modelled on a three-year-old Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Toronto.

Recommendation is to turn down this request.


  1. College Public Interest Research Group:

    The College Public Interest Research Group (CPIRG) requests a contribution of $10,000 from the DCF in order to begin a nation-wide student organizing project committed to guiding “students back to the values of social justice and anti-oppression”, through various actions in support of campus-based unions and other labour organizations in the community.

Recommendation is to reject the request.


  1. Les Communes/The Commons

Les Communes/The Commons is an initiative administered by the registered non-

profit organization Projet Reformiste, based in Montreal. The submitters request

$20,000 from the DCF to support a project which seeks to encourage a dialogue

among the “different nations and communities across the country” toward

reforming the Canadian Constitution, and more widely, toward examining

democratic structures and decision-making practices to make them more

responsive to “current challenges like the rise of identity-based nationalisms, rising

inequality, exclusion from the labour market and the democratic deficit of certain

Institutions.” Their plan is to hold events across the country.

Recommendation is to support the project at half the amount request.

Motion by KB:

BIRT the DCF Board support the proposal from Les Communes/The Commons in principle, further to receive clarification on the corporate structure, for grants to be awarded in multiple installments to total no more than $10000 over the next year.  


  1. Officers election

President Karl Bélanger
VPs  Diane O’Reggio, Etienne Gratton
Treasurer Doug Massey
Secretary Anne Scotton

  1. Staffing

KB: The long term plan is to eventually have enough work and funds to have a full time staff person. The Board is expressing its wish to repatriate staffing in Ottawa in the short to medium term.


  1. Bequest proposal


Discussions regarding the Stokoe bequest proposal are ongoing. The amount would be significant but there is a wish for that money to be directed towards Workers’ ownership research and Commonwealth Cooperatives.


  1. Joint Initiative with Broadbent Institute


Joint initiative on climate change in British-Columbia. A request would be made to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to get it started. The plan is to hold educative events highlighting environmental leadership - from business leaders to local community organizers;  to conduct training amongst organizers and provide skill development around engagement organizing; and to conduct research in this field. Conversations with both BI and RBF are ongoing.



  1. Other business


Mouseland is going well, we purchase the rights for it to be duplicated digitally and shipped to different users.


  1. Adjournment



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