DCF Board Meeting - August 27, 2018

DCF Board Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2018

6pm EST

Attendance: Karl Belanger, Mohammed Akbar, Amy Boughner, Emilie Taman, Oliver Kent
By Phone: David McGrane, Calinda Brown, Diane O’Reggio, Etienne Gratton, Anne Scotton


  1. Adoption of Agenda, Minutes from last Board meeting December 13, 2017 – Moved by Rebecca Blaikie, seconded by Calinda Brown.
  2. Correspondence – Chris mentioned SHARE renewal is up for this year.
  3. President’s Report – Discussion on Les Communes event delayed to October. Pleased with results from AGM and fundraising possibilities. Attended very well.
  4. Secretary Report – Anne has no news to report at this time.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Financials have not been updated since last AGM. Sales have increased and donations have been coming in.
  6. Scholarship Report – None awarded yet as school year has not started yet. Promoting on social media to come. Mohammed Akbar wants to create a scholarship at the U of Windsor for the student who was murdered at her school. Amount requested would be $1500/yr for 3 years, or a separate endowment of $25,000. Anne went over scholarship process – Foundation undertakes agreement with institution, signs a MOU with terms decided.
  7. Grants Request – Not much to review at this time, grants to be officially reviewed at next Board meeting by the Grants committee.
  8. Officers Elections

Nomination of Treasurer – Calinda Brown nominated Emilie Taman; Emilie accepted nomination.

Nomination of Exec. Secretary – Amy Boughner self-nominated. Anne Scotton will mentor Amy to take over.

Nomination of Vice Presidents – Diane O’Reggio, Derek de Vlieger self-nominated. Etienne Gratton will step down.

President – Karl Belanger acclaimed.

  1. Committees – Discussion on structuring to ensure that they are working together in spirit of the mandate of the DCF. Karl will discuss with officers to establish sub-committees, etc.
  2. Other business – Mohammed requested enhancing website, volunteers to begin working on it.
  3. Adjournment

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