DCF Board Meeting - April 15, 2020

DCF Board Meeting

Thursday, April 15th, 2020

19:00 ET


By Telephone


Karl Bélanger, Melissa Hunter, Mohammad Akbar, Rebecca Blaikie, Chris Markevich, Anne Scotton, Amy Boughner
1. Adoption of Agenda


2. Adoption of minutes

Minutes of the February 27, 2020 meeting are read.


3. President’s report:

The pandemic is hitting everyone hard and this will affect our planning. I am putting the last touch on the by-law amendments that will be proposed at our AGM.

4. Executive Secretary’s Report:

Nothing to report at this time.

5. Treasurer’s Report:
Tax receipts have been issued. There are some bugs in the systems, still working to fix them. Our fee structure with Scotia McLeod was changed at the right time, which allowed us to minimize our losses on the markets. Our fundraising numbers have taken a dip because of the current situation, not surprisingly. We will aim to have a fundraising appeal in a couple of weeks, when things calm down.

Adoption of Treasurer’s report.


6. Broadbent Institute Proposal for COVID19 Partnership

The Broadbent Institute has reached out with a proposal for a Digital Convenining Series in response to the COVID-19 pandemic through a Social Democratic lens. BI would like the DCF to join in as a "Partner". Other orgs that could be involved include: Atkinson Foundation, Ivey Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers, Roosevelt Foundation and others like minded groups, and apparently a bunch of unions. Only the DCF is being offered the Partner position due the ongoing work we have previously done with the Social Democracy Project. In a way, they see this is as an extension on that existing agreement for 2020.

BI says the following metrics will be met. 250,000+ Contacts will be invited to participate via email; 1 Million+ audience advertised to on Facebook and Twitter through ads.

These webinars will be recorded and can be added to the DCF video library for later viewing. They are asking for $25 000.

Anne points out that this COVID19 crisis is exactly the kind of moment where the DCF can play a role to foster thoughts and discussions. Without the universal health care system that Tommy Douglas kickstarted in this country, the situation would be much more dire indeed, as we can see in countries not that far from us.

BIRT that the DCF partners with the Broadbent Institute to launch the Digital Convening Series;
BIFRT the DCF supports the initiative by awarding $20,000 in funding for the DCS
BIFRT the DCF ask BI to support rebuilding our fundraising development, especially regarding our legacy program.

m/s/c unanimously

7. Other business

Board members agreed not to meet until after the AGM, which is scheduled for June.

8. Adjournment


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