Mental health in the workplace: Are we working well?

Mental health in the workplace: Are we working well?

In the fourth episode, Rabble discusses the Foundation's upcoming report on “Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace” with project leads Jon Weier and Tom Parkin.

In speaking to the necessity of this report, Jon Weier says “..this is really a systemic issue. Mental health impacts or mental distress is something that affects many, many workers. We specifically are looking at how this is related to the workplace and to the idea of work. But of course, as you and others have pointed out on this podcast and in other places, mental health distress over a number of issues is really becoming almost a defining factor of our age. And I think as a result, this kind of research and this kind of examination and understanding of the impacts of our society more broadly on mental health is a really, really important direction to be going right now in this research.”

“It’s not just that people struggle with mental health effects because of the workplace though, the research is clearly there. But people who are not working, people who are struggling with paying the bills, people who are raised in households where they don’t have enough food. People who live in households where there’s just a lack of income. The research over and over again showed that these were neighborhoods that had higher levels of depression, anxiety, mental health distress, than in more affluent neighborhoods. So if we’re going to say, yes unions should be involved in this; the kind of unionism probably the three of us believe in, isn’t just about the union’s own members, but about a broader social agenda,” says Tom Parkin. 

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