Courage My Friends Podcast: Ecological Grief

In the second episode of the Courage My Friends Podcast, Rabble speaks with Ashlee Cunsolo, a leading voice on climate change and ecological grief, about the growing issue of ecological grief, how it is being experienced and the power that can come from mourning.



“For so many people all over the world and particularly Indigenous Peoples all over the world, this connection to the environment, this grieving over the loss of more than humans – whether they’re plants or animals or ecosystems – that kinship with other beings and then grieving other beings is certainly not new,” Cunsolo says. 

Cunsolo continues: “If we are facing ‘code red for humanity’ – if we are facing 1 million species at a risk of extinction and decline; that is an era of loss and damage. And that is an era of grief. And we’re going to be called to grief-work. And we’re going to have to do this together. And do it hopefully in a way that doesn’t cause more harm, but actually might bring us together for big ethical and political changes. And for really uniting people to create a different future.” 

Listen here:

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