Minutes From The DCF AGM - September 12, 2017

Minutes From The DCF AGM - September 12, 2017

Tuesday September 12th, 2017

6:00 pm ET



Ottawa & District Labour Council
280 Metcalfe St
5th Floor
Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7



Present: Pat Kerwin, Doug Massey, Heather Fraser, Anne Scotton, Miles Krauter, Karl Belanger

By telephone: Diane O’Reggio, Rebecca Blaikie, David McGrath, Etienne Gratton, Ali Chautur, Mohammad Akbar


10 proxies



1.      Approval of Agenda



2.      Approval of Minutes



3.      President’s Report

  • Kevin Wright stepped down
  • 7 executive positions expiring after AGM; they will be re-offering
  • Lorne Calvert, Rebecca Blaikie, Diane O’Reggio, Irene Mathyssen, Doug Massey, Oliver Kent, David McKenzie
  • Projects – Mouseland Renewal Project launched successfully. CUPE/UFCW to showcase at next convention
  • 3 MPs have expressed interest in scholarships in their ridings, including Daniel Blaikie
  • David McGrane was chair of Academic Conference in Calgary, presented mission of DCF

Questions – Should we fundraise around Mouseland? Eg. Get $150 from members, put it into shows etc.



4.      Executive Secretary’s Report

  • 75 current members, need to update how we obtain membership and manage business of DCF. Rebecca Blaikie mentioned that Manitoba leadership convention was on the weekend and would try to attract more members.





5.      Treasurer’s Report

  • 2 years of financials to approve. No variances to report. Highlights:
  • 2015 – Membership/donations - $6000
  • $24,614 revenue
  • $239 product sales
  • ATU Union purchased conference center, renamed it Tommy Douglas Center; bought 100 Tommy Douglas bobbleheads
  • $235,089 expenses
  • $4000 net loss 2015, $42,000 loss market revenue


  • 2016 – Cash on hand - $16,464
  • Market value increased to $50,000 due to website investment and Mouseland Project
  • Capital Assets - $12,134
  • Total Assets - $828,995
  • Grants - $10,000
  • Scholarships $3500

Need to revisit publishing Treasurer’s Report on website


Need to discuss copyright issues with Mouseland. Cannot be reproduced as we have online rights only. Proctor Brothers gave us the audio, but have kept rights to the video. Also need to decide whether to “go viral” or to keep video where it is in order to get people to the DCF.


6.      Nomination of Board Members

Amy Boughner, Derek de Vlieger

Karl nominates Amy Boughner

Executive Secretary moves that 8 nominations go forward. All 8 members are acclaimed.


7.      Other Business – We need to discuss implementing a procedure for submissions to Board elections. Chris Markevich to create a spreadsheet and draft policy.


8.      Adjournment


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