Minutes From The DCF AGM - June 21, 2016

Minutes from the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation AGM Meeting 2016

June 21st, 2016

7:00pm ET


Location 25One Community

251 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3




David White, Doug Massey, Anne Scotton, Oliver Kent, Kevin Wright, Isaac Campbell


By Telephone: Diane O’Reggio, Calinda Brown, Etienne Gratton,


  1. Approval of Agenda

*Amended to include Plans for Canada 2017


2.Adoption of Minutes


3. President’s Report

Thanks given to previous assistant’s, welcome now Isaac.  Thank you Doug for the website work.  Interpares/Canadian Network for Corporate Accountability was the recipient of the grant proposal for $25,000.  Future proposals to be considered at the AGM.  David White announcement of stepping down from the position starting in September 2016

4.Executive Secretary’s Report

 5. Treasurer’s Report

The grants process of 2015 was reviewed.  Costs included translations,  website, space/building, VoIP phones.  Website overhauled and updated to include NationBuilder, thank you Pat for starting this process.  Due to market fluctuations, a loss of investments in the amount of around $40,000 was incurred.  Translation costs increased to revise existing information on the website.  100 Bobbleheads sold to the Tommy Douglas Conference Centre.  m/s/c

6. Nomination of Board Members

‘Nominating committee report’ to be brought to the board

Heather’s motion -gender equity proposal


7. Other Business


In discussing the current financial structure, Oliver proposes we lower the level of investment due to revenue challenges and competition with other non-profits.  He believes a need to constrain costs and be proactive with a strategic plan is required.  Anne has suggested a 5-year time frame.  David believes we should focus on the drafting of projects.  It was suggested we should explore partnerships with the Broadbent Institute to maximize reach of donors and potentially lay the groundwork for a large project.  Doug suggested we translate an updated Mouseland in French in the context of electoral reform.  David commented the Broadbent Institute currently is also focussed on electoral reform. m/s/c

A future email meeting notice would be sent at the end of September

 8. Adjournment m/s/c

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