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Learn Community Organizing Skills to Win Health Justice

Are you involved in the health care sector and passionate about making positive change in your field and your community? Do you have a desire to step up and fight for a better, fairer, more just world? This course is for you.

During this one-day, in-person workshop from the Institute for Change Leaders and the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation, lead instructor Olivia Chow will teach you how to:
  • Tell your story to motivate others
  • Using deep canvassing to connect with voters and supporters about your cause
  • Design a strategy that gets the change you want
  • Structure your team to avoid burnout and facilitate growth
  • Recruit and keep volunteers
  • Choose tactics that move decision-makers

You will learn through lectures and small group activities that will allow you to practice the skills we teach. You will work with an experienced organizer, who will facilitate your group and help you plan your organizing project. You will finish the course ready to tell your story, with a developed organizing statement, and tools to plan your organizing project's strategy and tactics.

Breakfast, snacks, and coffee will be included.

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$10.00 Learn Community Organizing Skills to Win Health Justice

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