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In January 2021, a restoration project was launched by our Executive Director to execute the plan envisioned by Board of Directors President Karl Bélanger to modernize, professionalize, and restore the now Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation.
Tommy had a dream to establish a charity to help educate Canadians about Social Democracy and the contribution progressive ideas made to our country including the work of Labour Unions. Tommy Douglas entrusted this charity to us, we are the keepers of his legacy. November 2021 was our 50th Anniversary.

The Tommy Douglas monthly donor program has been designed to engage supporters who see value in education as a means to fight back against inequality. This monthly donor program will provide members with exclusive benefits including special announcements, events, and activities.

All donations from the Friends of Tommy Douglas will be used towards the reestablishing of vital academic scholarships, producing new and original research, and a brand new interactive website to be launched later this year. And, as a registered charity all donations are 100% eligible for a tax credit.

Tommy's dream was to build a charitable home for progressives, The Friends of Tommy Douglas are keeping his dream alive.



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