DCF Board Meeting - November 23, 2016

DCF Board Meeting November 23, 2016

Wednesday, Nov 23rd, 2016

6:00 ET


25One Community

251 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3



Present: David Mackenzie, Miles Krauter, Oliver Kent, Doug Massey, Karl Bélanger, Anne Scotton

By Telephone: Calinda Brown, Rebecca Blaikie, Diane O’Reggio, Gerry Barr


David McKenzie re-introduction after coming back to fill as interim President after two years removed. 

Shout outs to all those that have helped support the needs of the organization.  


  1. Adoption of Agenda



2. Election of Officers
Treasurer: Doug accepts (Nominated by David MacKenzie)

Vice Presidents (x2): Diane and Etienne accepts (Nominated by Doug)

Executive Secretary: Anne Accepts (Nominated by David)

President: Karl accepts (Nominated by Doug)


All acclaimed


David Mackenzie thanks Karl for taking the lead.


3. Adoption of minutes

Minutes from June 21, 2016 Board Meeting



4. President’s Report: Thank you to David White.  It is believed that David White started as early as 2006, becoming president in 2014.  David contributed many great ideas to the DCF, for example his organizing around health care initiatives.  Let the minutes show the DCF appreciates all the work he has done within the organization and as President.  Anne prefaces that we accept his resignation with regret.  Thank you, Erin Kelly and Chris Markevich (as past-Executive Assistants), also Isaac Campbell (as current).  David Mackenzie outlines 4 points that reflect progress within the DCF:  1) Website has improved 2) Mouseland is a great initiative, building on past video work of Pat Kerwin. 3) It’s a delight to see new faces on board 4) Grants work is great to see on the site (Upstream from 2014 will go up on site soon), an important tradition to continue.  David recalls working with Tessa in the past work on Grants.  Interpares (work around ombudsperson relating to corporate accountability) is a strong current example of the types of impacts attributable to the work of the DCF. Partnering with progressive groups has and should always been an important part of the DCF; as we continually rethink the Foundation, be it research based, global partnerships, citizen education, working with independent media etc.  Thank you to all who have helped and Karl with be a cool and collected President.


5. Executive Secretary:  Anne happy to accept this report, eluding to the fact it is very forward looking and positive.  46 membership, 14 lifetime, 3 youth



Correspondence from Interpares /CNCA read by David McKenzie.  They are Grateful for the support received regarding the Ombudsman and accompanying legislation, work that would have otherwise would not have been possible. Gerry Barr speaks to the importance of this function to move Corporate Accountability forward with in the context of Organizing.  Anne reads scholarship updates from Beverlee Bell Recipients.  Woodsworth College updates read by Anne and thanks for contributions.  m/s/c


6. Treasurer’s Report:   



Product sales 1,000 Bobbleheads purchased through one order – ATU (Tommy Douglas Centre) in Maryland, 8347 Facebook likes Advertising and has grown quickly since the web site rebuild.  Facebook postings have increased thanks to Chris Markevich.  Interpares.  Carleton and Woodsworth needs to send invoices for Scholarships.  Maybe we should talk about advertising Scholarships, not currently being done.  Credit Card processing fees will be going down with halting the use of Moneris.  We purchased a  new Computer and Printer (hadn’t been purchased since 2004) Rent at 251 slightly up.  Investment Market fluctuations up.  Prepaid expenses $13,000 mostly Mouseland project.  Cost of website will be depreciated over 5 years.  $751,000 as of October 31st , accrued Accounts Payable for Auditor.  Doug also gave an update on the Mouseland video, storyboards were sent with adjustments.  Described some of the modernized updates to the animation and culture.  Miles asked about role of SHARE, asking about ethical investments. SHARE helps identify problems and opportunities to influence.  Anne requested an updated report from SHARE.  David McKenzie suggested a friendly amendment to the Treasurers Report.  Doug encourages we use SHARE to engage.  Treasurers Report accepted as amended. 


7. Grant Review:   PRC team has been an informal review team used for support.  Diane, Howard, David Mackenzie in the past.  David Mackenzie went through projects

Beryl Young’s children’s book Tommy’s Dream: Rejected. DCF has been hesitant to support book projects in the past.  PRC is recommending not to support, as common practice.  A motion to support Anne. Motion is to get a look at the text and perhaps make a determination at a later based on reassessing. 

Our Times: Rejected.  Not a specific enough proposal, they are an organization that has labour funding based out of Toronto.

Canadian Roots:  Approved. $1000,00, recommending a base level of support.  Based on current realities and needs to partner, especially having a youth focus. It could help visibility of the DCF.  Karl suggests we look to attend conference, depending if we have somebody accessible. 

SHARE:  Approved. PRC recommends a contribution of $5000,00 to fund third phase of existing project.  AGM activists, Canada’s largest group that in engages Corporate world on Ethic and Corporate Accountability.  They work to organize Strategic Share holder interventions, among work tackling climate change.  Gerry comments that they lead the front in Canada and provide a unique function.  Miles disagrees that SHARE should be supported, discrediting the methods SHARE uses as ineffective while suggesting we reconsider either of the rejected proposals.  Anne reaffirms book isn’t being completely overlooked and defends SHARE’s approach as being relevant and constructive.  Oliver feels it’s a wise investment.  Doug bring forward information about how spoken with Beryl about the need to find a publisher and how we could look at ways of helping to advertise on our site in supporting sales.  Miles responds to Oliver’s assessment of SHARE (con vote) and feels Our Times should be considered $5000.00.  Motion moved to accept the recommendation of the committee.  


Broadbent Institute: Approved.  $56,000 over two years.  $28,000 for this coming year-2017.  Initially asked for $101,000.  Project is  shared collaboration, seeking cobranding on the education and research part of the project.  Anne is of the belief this is a useful project for DCF in the current context.  It will support a non-partisan, educational research project that protects our status as a charity.  Stating also that we should suggest a focus on indigenous communities within their discourse around public life in Canada.  Oliver isn’t opposed to supporting the project at a higher financial level.  David highlights the need to champion social democracy research.   Rebecca, Gerry, Diane all support the project over the phone.  Karl supports the idea of tapping into same world of the B.I. to move the DCF forward. Miles supports.  Unanimous support. 

8) Mouseland: Previously addressed but just an update.  Coming along well.  The graphic artist seems to be very invested in the project. Slight updates to the storyboards.

9) 5-year strategic project review discussion will be followed up.  Anne - sober second thought, Karl- how many new members, would like to review. 


10) Other:  New President Karl Bélanger has some words.  His intention is to leverage his communications background and bring forward his ideas.  To start off he would like to hit the ground running with announcing his position and get the movement known.  He feels improvements to social media can be made.

Anne suggests the next meeting should not be the very end of June.  Suggesting we should aim for the second or third week of June. 



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