DCF Board Meeting - June 30, 2017

DCF Board Meeting June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

6:00 ET


25One Community

251 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3



Present: Miles Krauter, Oliver Kent, Doug Massey, Karl Bélanger, Anne Scotton

By Telephone: Calinda Brown, Diane O’Reggio, Gerry Barr


  1. Adoption of Agenda



2. Adoption of minutes

Minutes from November 23, 2016 Board Meeting



3. President’s report


Thank you to previous staff, including Chris, Isaac and Amy. Long term sustainability is to have a full time employee. Kevin Wright is stepping down from the board. There are 7 board members whose terms are expiring at the end of this meeting. I am pleased to inform you that everyone is going to stand for re-election. The Mouseland renewal project is moving well, we will be rolling it out this summer. At the last board meeting, we approved a grant for the 5th Youth Reconciliation Conference organized by the Canadian Roots Exchange.  The event was a success.  Bill Blaikie was there to represent the Foundation and he was recognized by the organizers, who were thankful for the support of the Foundation. Broadbent Institute:  Our partnership is going well.  The joint discussion paper release to launch the project was well received. Cobranding on the education and research part of the project. SHARE: We funded the third phase of existing project. Canada’s largest group that in engages Corporate world on Ethic and Corporate Accountability. They work to organize Strategic Share holder interventions, focused on things like tackling climate change.

Partnering with progressive groups has and should always be an important part of the Foundation. Our partnership with the Broadbent Institute is ongoing and we are working on the next phase of our joint project. I have established contact with the Fabian Society to see if we could work together and share best practices. Unions:  I have a plan to reach out to Unions for some support as we move forward and try to grow the organization.


4. Executive Secretary:  Anne updated on membership numbers:   58 members, 15 lifetime



5. Treasurer’s Report:   

Moved forward a motion to cease renting out desk space at 25One Community Centre due to lack of use. Motion carried unanimously.

  • 2 years of financials to approve. No variances to report. Highlights:
  • 2015 – Membership/donations - $6000
  • $24,614 revenue
  • $239 product sales
  • ATU Union purchased conference center, renamed it Tommy Douglas Center; bought 100 Tommy Douglas bobbleheads
  • $235,089 expenses
  • $4000 net loss 2015, $42,000 loss market revenue


  • 2016 – Cash on hand - $16,464
  • Market value increased to $50,000 due to website investment and Mouseland Project
  • Capital Assets - $12,134
  • Total Assets - $828,995
  • Grants - $10,000
  • Scholarships $3500

6. Other Business - None

7. Adjournment - m/s/c

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