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ACORN Canada, in just 3.5 years has grown to be one of Canada's largest and most successful networks of community organizations, with more than 15,000 low and moderate income members organized into 19 neighborhood chapters in 3 cities across Canada.

ACORN members come together to improve our communities, by tackling pressing concerns in our neighborhoods, cities and the country. Members choose what issues to address—from traffic problems or lack of police protection, to nationwide concerns such as increasing affordable homeownership and raising the minimum wage. They take action to get decision-makers to make real changes.

Priorities include: better housing for tenants, living wages, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, addictions services funding, financial literacy and better jobs in our communities.

Our structure has the neighbourhood chapter as its structural cornerstone; our organization is built organically by and for the membership. Our community organizers go door to door every day reaching hundreds of families per week. All our chapters have democratically elected leadership chosen by our membership in the area.

Our history began in 2004 when ACORN Canada was founded with the goal of representing and championing the interests of Canada's low and moderate-income urban communities on the critical issues of social and economic justice. We believe that transforming the conditions that adversely affect millions of Canadians can best be achieved with an active national membership – members deeply invested in their organization and focused clearly on lasting socio-economic change.

Our Victories include securing regulation of the payday lending industry in British Columbia, winning $250,000 in rent abatements for tenants living in 2 run down buildings in the Weston rd. community in Toronto, getting a motion to license landlords in Toronto introduced at City Hall, winning tens of thousands of dollars in investment in social housing in Ottawa and much more!

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Awarded $5,000 - early 2008

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