Supply Chain: Food security during the pandemic, and beyond

How has Canada’s food supply chain been affected by the pandemic? This panel will explore the issues of the supply chain, how supply management enables stability, the importance of local food production and the vulnerabilities of a model that relies so disproportionately on trade. 

While the pandemic may have heightened our collective awareness, how to ensure food security continues to be important each and every day is an issue that will not simply be solved with a vaccine. 

Join our expert panel for a discussion on the supply chain and food security in Canada.


Dr. Mike von Massow, Associate Professor, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, University of Guelph.

Kirstin Beardsley, Chief Network Services Officer, Food Banks Canada

David Wiens, Vice-President, Dairy Farmers of Canada


Karl Bélanger, President, Douglas-Coldwell Foundation


Watch it here: 

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