McGill University Faculty Club (3450 McTavish Street), Billiard Room
Lecture starts at 5:00pm, Reception begins at 6:30pm

The 2024 Jack Layton Lecture

This special event has already taken place.

Time to Bust the Trusts and Cartels?

Addressing the Problem of Rising Corporate Concentration in Canada

The Canadian economy has long been served by small numbers of large businesses, but such “corporate concentration” has been rising over the past two decades. The result is higher prices and less choice for consumers, lower wages and worse conditions for working Canadians, and greater overall income inequality. Too many large businesses can now earn higher profits at the expense of Canadians, safe in the knowledge that few rivals will chip away at their entrenched positions. Don’t Canadians deserve a more competitive environment where businesses must compete for our scarce dollars?

What kinds of public policies should be used to increase competition in the Canadian economy? Policy can be used to prevent new corporate mergers, but what can be done to address past mergers that are now raising prices and harming Canadians? Are regulatory policies partly to blame by explicitly protecting Canadian businesses from foreign rivals?

This event will examine this under-discussed issue in the halls of power in Canada. 

Robin is an Associate Partner at Deetken, the chair and co-founder of the Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project, and a fellow with the Public Policy Forum. Robin is an economist and policy analyst with expertise in using empirical research to help solve complex public policy problems. A leading thinker on Canadian competition policy and law, and the intersection of economic, social and cultural inclusion, they have published original research and are a frequent public speaker and media commentator. In 2021, they were a recipient of The Globe and Mail’s Changemaker Award for their efforts to advance public policy centered on advancing social justice and their academic work on competition policy. Robin is a PhD candidate at Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration. They hold an MA in Economics from Queen’s University and a BA (Honours) in Economics from the University of Alberta.

Matt Holmes is Senior Vice President, Policy & Government Relations for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where he also oversees international policy and programs. With over 20 years of experience in public advocacy and strategy development, Matt has led national trade associations, served on international boards, and worked within higher education, research and innovation, agri-food and international trade, as well as the culture and media sectors. Matt currently sits on the boards of Clean Prosperity and New Canadian Media. He holds degrees from Mount Allison University and the University of Victoria, with executive training from the Ivey Business School at Western and the Smith School of Business at Queen’s.

Virtual sign up here: www.douglascoldwelllayton.ca/the_2024_virtual_jack_layton_lecture

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